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The Law Firm

The Law Firm

The Law Firm

California Bankruptcy & Business Law Firm


Fundamentally a business & bankruptcy boutique law firm, the Law  Office of Michael Salanick's central focus is consumer bankruptcy law  representing debtors and creditors alike. Secondarily, the law firm  represents clients in all manners of dispute resolution, contract  negotiation and enforcement, debt settlement, and with limited scope  engagements in cases involving legal disputes, settlements and  negotiations, and a variety other matters:

The Law Office of Michael Salanick is located downtown Los  Angeles. We utilize updated technology and a suite of  satellite office locations to serve clients across all counties of  Southern California including Riverside County/Palm Springs, San Diego  County, Orange County, Ventura County, and San Bernardino County (and on  a case-by-case basis we accepts client matters in Northern California  jurisdictions).

  • Business Transactions & Business Disputes 
  • Labor & Employment Law Claims
  • Commercial & Residential Real Estate Transactions 
  • Lease Agreements
  • Landlord Tenant Disputes

Focusing primarily on bankruptcy law allows us to concentrate on educating and protecting our clients who file for bankruptcy protection and relief - frequently, our bankruptcy clients are in need of immediate attention and care, whether due to wage garnishment, a home foreclosure, a pending lawsuit, or other urgent matter. 

We provide step-by-step legal representation to clients in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy , adversary proceedings, automatic stays enforcement actions, automatic stay violations, enforcement of discharge & discharge violations, rescuing problem cases of pro se filers, and all other issues comprising the full-scope of bankruptcy law.

  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Business Disputes
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Foreclosure Assistance
  • Debt Settlement
  • Lien Avoidance
  • Creditor Claims


The Clients

The Law Firm

The Law Firm

Dedicated Legal Representation


Even with our physical presence in Los Angeles, frequently clients come to us from across Southern California and outside of Los Angeles county.  We put great effort into making the attorney-client engagement comfortable for clients, providing real-time access to us for the ease and convenience of our clients.  

Past and current clients include individuals and couples, family-owned businesses and DBAs, C-corporations and S-corporations, LLCs, licensed non profits, government employees, active military service members, and armed forces veterans.

Most commonly, our clients are individuals, couples, families, and small businesses, oftentimes facing some of life's most difficult financial and emotional challenges.  

 Representation of Debtors      

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  • Exemption Planning & Filing Strategy (pre-filing)
  • Motion work and In-Person Representation (post-filing)
  • Reaffirmation Agreement (post-filing)
  • Lien Strip (post-filing)
  • Adversary Proceeding (post-filing)
  • Defense against creditor Motion for Relief From Stay (post-filing)

 Representation of Creditors  

  • Creditor Claims and Adversary Proceeding
  • Spousal Claims through Divorce - Protecting Child Support & Alimony 
  • Consumer Claims for Fraud involving Businesses and Individuals filing Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  • Non-Dischargeable Debt Claims under 11 U.S.C. Sec. 523
  • Denial of Discharge under 11 U.S.C. Sec. 727


The Attorney

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Contact Us Today

Michael Salanick, Esq.  

 Since 2002, Michael has been an active member of the State Bar of California.   He has been admitted to practice law before the Supreme Court of the State of California, the U.S. District Court for the Central District of  California, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California,  and the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. Michael Salanick has practiced law exclusively within California throughout his career.  

Michael Salanick earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law  School where he served as Associate Editor for the Michigan Journal of  Race & Law.  While in Ann Arbor, Michigan, he also completed in public administration and public policy studies, earning his Master in Public Policy from the University of Michigan's Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy.  


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Contact Us Today

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 The law firm proudly embraces a humanistic approach to problem solving and activating real life solutions - empowering our clients toward healing their lives through the use of the law and the legal system - essential elements for individuals, families and small businesses in need of a stable, clear path toward recovery, bankruptcy protection, and financial relief. 

 With a keen sensitivity for identifying issues and activating solutions to fit unique client needs, Michael's humanistic approach has proven invaluable for those seeking financial relief and healing through the law. 

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